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The 5 Best Writing Apps For The iOS

We want to be able to write on the go, jot down ideas without needing a computer or getting on a notepad. Smartphones allow us to accomplish these goals. Developers are springing up to create applications where you can write rich text content on your smartphone. In this article, we have selected the best applications that are available and compatible with iOS devices.

Wikipedia refers to writing as a means of communication, so, to be coherent writing has to be properly organized.

1. Pages

Pages is a writing app designed by Apple. It is a free application that includes all features a professional writer would need. It includes text styles, 3D elements, footnotes, images, etc. In fact, it has all the necessary features you need to write and publish an article. It includes templates for different document types (sixty in total), so you have a guide regardless of your type of work. From a research paper – for example, a thesis written by ThesisRush, to essay writing and cover letters, they are available templates in the app. You can even get templates for business cards, invitation cards, and flyers.

While writing, you can add pictures, images, documents, and so much more from your device. It also enables you to set a password or Touch ID for security purposes. You can sync your documents with the cloud and access your files from any other device. It also allows you to share and collaborate with other users at the same time.

2. Werdsmith

Werdsmith is included on our list for its simple-to-use interface. You can download and collect files from Dropbox, and it is packed with other amazing features. This app includes five custom themes and allows you to write rich text content. It is specially designed and aimed for writers – for instance, a new note is called a project and consists of a title and a goal. You set the goal as the number of words you want for the project. So, once you start writing a project, it counts down till you reach your goal count. Goals are displayed as percentages. There is also a quick note feature in case you just want to scribble down ideas.

Content is saved automatically to the cloud, so, you will never lose any document. Werdsmith also allows you to create and share your profile on social media platforms such as Quora, Instagram, and Twitter so that your friends could see your work and articles. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the app is protected with a Touch ID feature.

3. Editorial

Editorial is a writing application that is widely used and recommended for iPhone users. It is an exceptional and highly functional application and is available as a paid app. Like Werdsmith, it also has the Dropbox integration and a multi-tab web browser. However, it is versatile and has some features, making it much more than just a writing app. In particular, it has an inline preview of markdown, task paper, as well as foundation documents. Nonetheless, it still functions excellently as a writing app. The interface is simple and powerful, and the app is intuitive, allowing the work process flow easily. You can easily export and publish your writings with its workflow community online, WordPress, Medium, etc. Additionally, editorial delivers excellent functionality at a great price.

4. MS Word

Microsoft Word is well-known and widely used by writers all over the world. If you are already used to working on Microsoft, you can download the application from your Apple Store. The app is streamlined and designed to work efficiently on all iOS devices. It also has Dropbox integration, rich text formatting, and lots of other features. It delivers to you a familiar and efficient writing platform, featuring such elements as fonts, formatting, text styles, drag and drop, and so much more. In fact, it avails to you all necessary features that are available on the Microsoft Word for Windows. You can sync your files to Dropbox, Onedrive and other Microsoft Office files. Files can also be exported as .docx and Open document.

5. IA writer

IA Writer is a great app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. However, it contains more advanced features and is better streamlined for iOS devices. For instance, it includes special features such as syntax control, which makes it possible to scan and highlight verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, conjunctions, and prepositions in your texts and make sure they are all used correctly. This way, your texts will always be balanced. Another feature, Focus Mode, highlights one sentence so you can edit it easily, while the rest fades away. This way, you can resist the temptation to edit another line at the same time. It also includes a custom keyboard that features a ‘like’ button where you can create a list with one tap. Therefore, you can link your work to other documents, so they become one project and are easily managed. You can also link images and spreadsheet files to your work and view them on iA Writer’s preview screen. The application supports split-screen, so you can work on the application while simultaneously working on another page or application. Publishing your work via this app is easy, as it supports various platforms such as WordPress and Medium. You can also convert your work to Markdown, HTML, PDF, and DOC via this great app.