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Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock Every Achievement / Trophy | 100% Completion Guide

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patch notes

Anybody can unlock every part in Mortal Kombat 11. The achievements / trophies look robust, however gamers of any talent degree can earn all of them. You don’t need to be good at MK11 to 100% the sport on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 — and also you gained’t even should play it to get most of those challenges accomplished.

The toughest a part of MK11 is the grind. To get sufficient character intros, victories, fatalities, currencies, and extra random stuff, you’ll have to play by way of the sport’s Towers over-and-over-and-over. The Towers of Time reset day by day, and two of the towers reset each few hours. If you wish to grind 250 towers whereas incomes a lot of rewards / money, that’s your greatest guess.

There are many different methods you may need to find out about for those who’re aiming for 100% completion. Take a look at the complete information under for all our pointers — and be ready to spill an entire lot of blood.

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How To Unlock Each Achievement / Trophy | 100% Completion Information


The Street To 100% Completion

To get 100% completion in MK11 you’ll need to grind Towers for a really, very very long time. The toughest achievements / trophies are associated to towers and the krypt. To get began, I like to recommend enjoying the sport on this order:

  • Full all Tutorials.
  • Full the Story.
  • Discover the Krypt.
  • Play all Klassic Towers required. (Novice, Champion, and so on)
  • Play on-line matches.

The toughest challenges are associated to the Krypt and Towers. Getting the insane quantity of koins / soul fragments and fatalities you want is far, a lot simpler utilizing AI Fighters. Each time you choose a personality within the Tower, you’ll be capable of toggle on / off ‘AI Fighter’ — with AI Fighter toggled on, the AI will take management and play via towers for you.

This makes even the toughest towers beatable. It’s also possible to semi-AFK farm, tapping ‘Kontinue’ as your AI fighter performs by way of every spherical.

I like to recommend utilizing Noob Saibot (Default), with AI Set to 30 Combo / 20 Reversal. You’ll be able to customise AI talents within the Kustomization menu, after choosing a personality and a loadout. There are extra tips you’ll have to study, however utilizing AI Fighters will assist you to full a number of the hardest challenges.

Secret Options & Puzzle Achievements / Trophies

Discover ways to unlock achievements / trophies for unusual, bizarre, or secret challenges. We’ll begin with these — probably, when you’re in search of assist, you’ll need to get information on the next.

  • Not Lifeless But
    Present MERCY 10 occasions

To point out ‘MERCY’, attain the ‘FINISH HIM / HER’ display on the finish of a battle. As an alternative of performing a Fatality, enter the next:

  • Mercy Finisher: Maintain [L2]Press Down x four

Enter the command, and your opponent will get one other probability to struggle. They’ll regain a small quantity of well being. Defeat the enemy — to make this extremely straightforward, simply replay Infinite (Klassic Tower) on Very Straightforward.

  • Blood In The Water
    Spill 10,000 pints of blood

You’ll earn this achievement / trophy naturally simply by enjoying the sport. Kill enemies, carry out fatalities, unleash Brutalities, and use Killing Blow — ultimately, you’ll spill sufficient blood. In case you’ve been grinding with AI Fighters, they’ll do the be just right for you.

  • Disco’s Not Lifeless
    Flip Stance 50 occasions throughout a match

To flip stance, press [L2]. It’s simply that straightforward — whereas standing nonetheless, you are able to do it endlessly. Enter a Klassic Tower and struggle towards a Very Straightforward opponent. They’ll barely struggle you. Again away and spam [L2] till this achievement / trophy pops.

  • Sufficient Already 
    Hit the Gong within the Krypt

Within the Krypt, you’ll shortly unlock Shao Kahn’s Hammer. Use it to smash your approach into the Courtyard — from there, go left and break by way of the weak partitions. Within the room forward, you’ll discover a working gong. Ring it to unlock this achievement / trophy.

  • My Magic Footwear
    Run 5 miles within the Krypt

To run within the Krypt, maintain [R2] — you’ll ultimately earn this simply by exploring the Krypt. If you wish to unlock it early, you’ll be able to simply run circles within the giant Courtyard space.

  • Complete Disrespect
    Defeat an opponent as Bug-Vorah

To defeat an opponent as Bug-Vorah, you’ll have to enter Kustomization. Enter D’vorah’s Kustomization display and choose ‘Bug Mom’ as a particular talent in her loadout. Now, when D’Vorah is defeated in battle, Bug-Vorah will seem, supplying you with a small probability to defeat you opponent.

Play a ‘Very Straightforward’ Klassic Tower and this must be easy.

  • Oh My Days
    Duck 100 occasions throughout a match

Easy. Simply duck. It doesn’t need to be in a single match. You’ll ultimately unlock this achievement / trophy by accident. As soon as once more, if you wish to increase it, simply load a ‘Very Straightforward’ Klassic Krypt match.

  • Get Over Right here
    Spear 50 hanging our bodies within the Krypt

In Goro’s Lair, you’ll discover Scorpion’s Spear within the Armory space, behind Goro’s Throne Room. There are our bodies all over the place, however you’ll discover a lot of them within the Courtyard. These our bodies will respawn, so you possibly can simply hold exiting / getting into the Krypt and spearing the our bodies which have spawned till this achievement / trophy unlocks.

  • Cranium Kabob
    Impale a head within the warrior shrine

To impale a head within the Krypt’s Warrior Shrine, you’ll have to earn 50 Fatalities on a single opponent. For instance, performing 50 Fatalities on Scorpion will unlock Scorpion’s head — you’ll get gadgets particular to Scorpion if you spear his head. Similar goes for the remainder of the characters.

The simplest option to increase is by loading / reloading the Klassic Towers. Search for a Survival match together with your chosen character. There is just one street per battle, so you possibly can Fatality your opponent twice as shortly. Exit the struggle however don’t depart the Klassic Tower menu, and you may repeatedly fatality the identical character.

  • Gimme Dat Cash 
    Spend 50,000 koins within the Naknadan shrine

The Naknadan Shrine is situated proper outdoors the Warrior Shrine. Merely donate 50,000 koins in a single go — should you’re farming with AI Fighters, you’ll shortly achieve 500,000+ koins. You’ll have to donate all 50,000 in a single single donation. So far as I’m conscious, this isn’t cumulative.

  • Have We Met
    Equip 5 totally different character intros

Character Intros are extraordinarily uncommon. If you wish to unlock them, you’ll have to open the costliest Krypt chests — or, you possibly can unlock Character Towers within the Tower of Time. Finishing Character Towers will unlock intros.

Merely unlock and equip additional character intros. Every character has four intros, so that you’ll have to unlock intros for a number of character.

  • Victorious
    Equip 5 totally different character victories

Victories and Intros are precisely the identical — they’re each uncommon, and you may unlock each in Character Towers.

Tutorial Achievements / Trophies

The Study menu is the place you’ll discover tutorials. Primary Tutorials are extremely straightforward, however Superior / Technique Tutorials are fairly complicated. You may need to return to the Superior Tutorials later, after you’ve performed a little bit of the sport. You’ll study so much from these, in order that they’re value doing!

  • Hit The Dojo
    Komplete all Fundamentals Tutorials
  • Prepared To Kompete
    Komplete all Superior Tutorials
  • No Dangerous Match Ups
    Komplete all Technique Tutorials

Story Mode Achievements / Trophies

Very, quite simple. Simply play by means of the story mode. It isn’t too exhausting, and you may decrease the problem in case you’re having hassle at any level.

  • Half Approach There
    Komplete 50% of Story Mode
  • What’s Subsequent?
    Komplete Story Mode
  • Thank You For Being A Fan
    Attain The Kredits

Milestone Achievements / Trophies

Very simple. Fatalities and Brutalities are unlocked for each character naturally, so examine your Transfer Record and provides them a attempt. AI Fighters not often carry out Brutalities, however characters like Noob Saibot will persistently carry out Fatalities. If you wish to farm, it’s higher to study Brutalities and try to make use of them on each match — Countless Tower on Very Straightforward is an effective approach to increase.

  • Lethal Encounter
    Carry out 15 totally different FATALITIES
  • MURDER!!!
    Carry out 30 totally different FATALITIES
  • Brutal Finish
    Carry out 25 BRUTALITIES
  • Psychopath
    Carry out 100 BRUTALITIES


Krypt & Tower Achievements / Trophies

  • Extra Energy
    Use 50 Konsumables
  • Konsumed
    Use 100 konsumables

Konsumables are particular gadgets you’ll earn in Towers of by opening Krypt Chests. You need to use them earlier than every battle in a Tower. Utilizing 100 goes to take a very long time, however you earn a lot of random konsumables for almost all the things you do within the recreation. You should use konsumables that aren’t even useful in Towers of Time — simply use them to spice up your stats.

  • Grave Robber
    Open 200 Krypt chests

Whereas farming and finishing Towers for the achievements / trophies listed under, you’ll earn loads of foreign money. Spend koins to unlock Krypt chests — you possibly can reset chests with the Kronika image. Donate cash to the clock-icon within the Courtyard to reset as much as 50 chests at a time. You are able to do this a number of occasions, so that you’ll shortly be capable of open 200 chests.

  • Klassic
    Komplete a Novice, Warrior, or Champion Klassic Tower as soon as
  • I Need It All
    Komplete the Novice, Warrior, or Champion Klassic Towers with 10 totally different kharacters

You possibly can full any of those three tower varieties with 10 totally different characters — primarily, you’ll have to unlock 10 totally different character endings for the arcade mode.

  • Tower Champion
    Komplete 125 Towers
  • Grasp of Time
    Komplete 250 Towers

This takes awhile, however I like to recommend taking it sluggish and simply enjoying by way of the every day towers as they seem. You may also play Infinite / Survival Klassic Towers. Quitting these towers counts as completion, so if you wish to increase, simply hold replaying the towers.

mortal kombat

On-line Achievements / Trophies

One other very straight-forward set of achievements / trophies. You simply have to play numerous on-line modes and matches. You don’t have to win.

  • Kompetitor
    Play 50 Kasual Versus matches
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    Pay 100 complete respect factors in King of the Hill
  • Teamwork
    Play a Group Battle with 2 different gamers
  • My AI Can Do It
    Play 10 AI Battle Simulator units
  • Puppet Grasp
    Play 25 AI Battle Simulator units

Fatality Completion Achievements / Trophies

For Fatality completions, the simplest approach is through the use of our full listing of secondary fatalities. In any other case, you possibly can simply unlock this achievement / trophy by enjoying every character as an AI Fighter. Even in case you don’t have each Fatalities unlocked, AI Fighters will carry out each Fatalities randomly. Simply play as every character, with ‘AI Fighter’ toggled on, in Infinite / Survival Towers till you get each Fatalities.

  • Thrashed
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Baraka
  • Household Values
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Cassie Cage
  • Balanced
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Cetrion
  • Cyber Initiative
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Frost
  • Bugging Out
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with D’Vorah
  • Kollecting Bounties
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Erron Black
  • Pound City
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Jacqui Briggs
  • Royal Guard
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Jade
  • Get Some
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Jax
  • Caged
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Johnny Cage
  • Ka-Ballin
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Kabal
  • Bonzer Lavatory
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Kano
  • Princess Energy
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Kitana
  • Kollected
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Kollector
  • Sacrifice
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Kotal Kahn
  • Hat Trick
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Kung Lao
  • No Bag Boy
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Liu Kang
  • Double Dose Of Lethal
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Noob
  • Struck Down
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Raiden
  • By no means Ends
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Scorpion
  • Blood Tub
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Skarlet
  • Goal Eradicated
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Sonya
  • On Ice
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Sub-Zero
  • Flip Again Time
    Carry out 2 totally different FATALITIES with Geras

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