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Let’s Watch The Worst Movie Ever!

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Once we watched A Christmas Prince method again in December final yr, that point 365 days in the past, 365 days through which I’ve completed nothing of value in my life besides for locating I can match 36 Pringles in my mouth directly – we cried. Tears of ache.

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Truly, I lie. We liked it in that approach you’re keen on a film so fucking silly and inane and brain-cell-murdering just because it’s all Christmassy and cheery and so forth. But in addition it was genuinely tremendous shit and doubtless made us stupider as people.

Apparently there was a veritable fuckload of us plebs who watched the pile of steaming shit that was A Christmas Prince, although like we did – sufficient actually for Netflix to make an entire bloody sequel. I’ve been assigned the job of reviewing that sequel, which is one way or the other even worse than the unique.

FYI, though critically do I’ve to say this – SPOILERS. Plenty of them. However truthfully? You may decide the plot of this movie in a single single second. So IDK, enter at your personal danger, I assume?

Let’s return to the primary movie as a refresher – Amber, an aspiring NYC journo, is shipped to cowl a press convention through which Prince Richard will announce he’s taking up the throne of Aldovia from lately deceased dad. She sneaks into the palace, which is tremendous unlawful FYI and not likely a factor profesh journos do, and is mistaken for the brand new tutor for Richard’s sister, Emily. The place the actual tutor went, god is aware of. Amber in all probability shivved her together with her journo pen and disposed of her quietly. ANYWAY blah blah, Richard and Amber in fact fall in love and after a light kerfuffle (Richard is adopted! His cousin Simon is the authorized inheritor to the throne! No wait! They discover a decree that the fucking maniac of a king hid in a CHRISTMAS BAUBLE saying “Fuck you all Richard can nonetheless be king bc I say so”) Richard proposes to Amber, although he’s recognized her for 400 seconds and she or he additionally lied her means into the citadel and doubtless gave his little sister a very horrible few weeks of schooling that’ll take years to reverse.

ANYWAY! We’re a yr after that proposal now, and Amber and Richard have been having a TIME of it. They’re flitting off to one another’s nations just like the townsfolk of Aldovia aren’t all destitute and unemployed (which they’re, by the best way – Aldovia SUCKS economy-wise, like actually sucks. Like “please sir can I’ve some extra” occasions one million, sucks).

There’s pina coladas being consumed and kisses at sundown in a montage that additionally consists of these un-spellchecked journal covers that includes Amber’s mug on ’em.

So romanic.

Principally, Amber’s a celeb now and her fucking silly BLOG (sure, she made a weblog on the finish of the final movie, as a result of investigative reporting on international points is completely the identical as writing out your emotions about which Christmas trifle do you have to do that yr, a contemporary one or conventional) has a bazillion readers and she or he’s simply soooo profitable guys but in addition has stayed ~true to herself~, “herself” being her character, which is completely outlined by “lol I put on Converse to all gown codes”.

Anyway, Amber and her dad fly into Aldovia for the marriage of the SEASON, which can naturally happen on Christmas Day. Option to destroy Christmas for all of your family and friends, guys.

The pair meet the household, and naturally Amber’s dad is each NYC cliche potential, all “awwww put ‘er there! I’m from the BRONX babey!!!! Givvus a kiss”. He’s a chef at a diner, so in fact he galumphs into the very glossy industrial kitchen and begins crowing on about making pork sliders for the royal household to the very skilled, very confused palace chef. Like fuck off? Cool story, you make good pork sliders and cookies. She has her personal superb eating credentials beneath her belt – LEAVE IT ALONE AND JUST EAT THE FOIE GRAS, MY FRIEND.

In the meantime, Amber is being advised she has to calm it with the CoOl gIrL shit. Like, rather a lot. The royal PR woman needs her to principally behave like, oh you realize, a FUCKING ROYAL as a result of that’s what she’s about to grow to be, the bloody Queen of a rustic that’s in ECONOMIC CRISIS, and Amber’s all lol nah I’ll put on denims and sneakers to satisfy dignitaries lol soz. Like truthfully – I like that they’re pushing being a person but in addition like… in the event you don’t need to ever should put on fancy shit then perhaps don’t marry a fucking FUTURE KING OF A TRADITIONAL COUNTRY. It’s not like Meghan Markle will get round in an Adidas tracksuit. As a result of she’s a bloody Princess or no matter now. That’s fucking life, OK? Cope with it. All of it appears extremely self-absorbed to imagine you’ll be able to simply do no matter and put on no matter and nonetheless be the Queen.

However again to that Aldovian financial disaster – Prince Richard has principally adopted in his dad’s footsteps and put some plan into movement that was one thing like “use native companies to construct new roads and infrastructures in Aldovia”, with ‘infrastructure’ being a type of umbrella time period for “shit you construct in nations”. They don’t actually clarify what they’re constructing. Stuff! Numerous stuff.

BUT, shock horror – by some means not one of the small companies are making any cash from the large price range tasks happening, and nobody appears to know why!

HERE’S A THING, GUYS. I’m no economist, fuck I can barely add up the cash when everybody pays money at a gaggle dinner, however I’m gonna simply put it on the market that any huge finances challenge is gonna have some type of monetary paper path you may in all probability comply with to suss the place the cash is being funnelled. No? Like small enterprise does job – invoices somebody – bill is paid by somebody. I swear that’s how this shit works. Certainly there are some invoices or no matter floating round we could possibly be getting onto.

Apparently not – the one factor the royals can assume to do is a) name in some previous crony mate referred to as Leopold, who we’ll get to later, and b) save the nation by choosing solely the VERY BEST Christmas tree for the city sq.. I SHIT YOU NOT.

This job falls to Amber, who takes it on like no matter tree she picks will single-handedly result in peace within the Center East.

“This tree will certainly make all of the impoverished townsfolk overlook they ate gruel for dinner”

Aspect word – apparently the finances went up for this movie, as a result of they clearly obtained a snow journey in for the forged and crew. Due to this, many occasions occur within the snow – a sleigh experience, a tobogganing tour, and lots of situations of individuals operating out of the nice and cozy, comfortable palace in a huff to take a seat within the arctic chilly for reflection.

“You possibly can’t see my scowl as a result of I’ve frostbite of the face now, RICHARD”

Anyway! Again to Leopold – he’s dangerous. No shit, you say. Any crony previous man who waltzes in with full belief of the royals? Gonna be a secret scumbag. Amber will get the ball rolling on this discovery when she decides to assist the financial disaster by going undercover as a reporter in a pub. Her concept of discreet is sporting sun shades at 11pm.

“It isn’t me, I’m Mrs Iglesias”

She meets some random townsguy who’s all blah blah some firm retains taking my moneeeey away from meeeee. Once more – did nobody assume to talk to ANY small companies earlier than this second? Nobody? No thought to only speak to enterprise house owners to seek out out the city secrets and techniques? OK then. Looks like an oversight however positive.

Anyway lengthy story brief – actually – seems that Leopold has been siphoning money off into his personal enterprise referred to as Glockenspiel. GLOCKENSPIEL. Couldn’t provide you with a cooler identify, Leo? There’s an enormous confrontation that turns actually grim – Amber legit holds Leopold at ARROW POINT:

Sorry when did this film flip into Kill Invoice

Somebody whips out a really professional wanting doc that exhibits Glockenspiel’s made billions:

This Microsoft Phrase template will certainly maintain up in courtroom

After which the Queen reveals Leopold’s going to the dungeon – the precise dungeon – which is in “the very depths of the citadel”. Yeah OK that undoubtedly doesn’t sound like one thing the United Nations ought to be investigating as a human rights concern.

However it’s high-quality! It’s all wonderful guys as a result of now we will have the marriage! Whereas Leopold wails from the dungeon depths under our bougie ft!

I forgot to say as a result of it actually mattered zero.0000% however somebody employed a batshit wedding ceremony planner man, who needed Amber to put on some weird Ye Olde clown gown, as a result of skilled stylists are undoubtedly all clinically insane with no expertise. However it’s superb as a result of Amber and Richard have determined NO MORE FAKERY, they’re BEING THEMSELVES, even when it means they destroy centuries-old custom and usually current themselves as incapable, cussed, tantrumy youngsters. That’s effective, these Aldovians don’t have to really feel like their leaders are mature and succesful,capable of get their shit collectively and characterize their nation to the world in knowledgeable method! They only need realness – realness within the type of a Queen who actually gained’t give up with the fucking Converse:

Converses cease for nobody

That’s Amber sporting glitter Cons beneath her wedding ceremony robe, by the best way. Spew in a bucket. After the marriage, which by the best way has a surprising turnout for the most important wedding ceremony the nation’s seen in many years:

Meghan and Harry, suck on thissssss!

There’s a reception. Some boring chopping of desserts and so forth ensues, and there’s the couple’s first dance – which has all of the chemistry of a moist towel somebody bunched up within the nook of their bed room that now smells like rest room. Till! Princess Emily cuts the tunes and places on some terrible royalty-free tune Netflix clearly didn’t need to pay for, and Amber’s dad yells “CONGAAAAA!” and everybody does… the conga. It’s horrible.

cease this pressured enjoyable instantly earlier than somebody will get a hernia.

Richard and Amber escape outdoors for some canoodling, which once more – chemistry of damp towel – till they’re accosted by the conga line, which has burst out of the palace doorways to return suffocate them to dying.


In fact they depart it open for a 3rd movie – which I for one am hoping is known as A Christmas Prince – The Conga Murders.

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