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Is Game of Thrones forcing Daenerys to become the Mad Queen?

The newest episode of Recreation of Thrones has stirred up an enormous quantity of controversy. Some followers are upset about Euron Greyjoy taking down Rhaegal in a approach that stretched believability previous the breaking level, and…yeah, I’m with you there. Some are mad that we didn’t get to see Arya and Sansa’s speedy reactions to the revelation about Jon’s secret origins and…no, I disagree on that one.

However the largest criticisms are about Daenerys Targaryen, the Mom of Dragons, Breaker of Chains…all of that. It’s fairly clear that the present is setting her up for a flip to the darkish aspect, so to talk, and lots of followers see it as an assassination of her character.

Are they proper? Is the present treating Daenerys unfairly? The reply to that’s more durable to unpack. Let’s attempt.

So the story because the present has laid it out to us is that this: Daenerys spent the primary six seasons of the collection on Essos, getting increasingly more highly effective. Fairly early on, her finish objective was to reclaim the Iron Throne that was her father’s, at the least since she stepped out of the hearth on the finish of season 1, her dragons newly hatched. By season 2, she was making clear in no unsure phrases that she would cease at nothing to realize her goals. “I’m no unusual lady,” she informed the Spice King of Qarth. “My goals come true…I’ll take what’s mine. With hearth and blood, I’ll take it!”

Daenerys has spent the final two seasons in Westeros, the place she hasn’t gotten a heat welcome. Her alliances with Dorne and the Attain fell aside fairly shortly, thanks largely as a result of she took the recommendation of Tyrion Lannister, her Hand. It wasn’t all his fault — Jaime was intelligent in abandoning Casterly Rock and sacking Highgarden — however Tyrion hasn’t precisely been batting 1000 these days.

Value noting is that Tyrion’s recommendation to Daenerys usually concerned ignoring her instincts and never instantly killing her enemies the place they slept; as an alternative, he needed her to win different homes to her aspect till the individuals of King’s Touchdown overthrew Queen Cersei Lannister for her. That is in opposition to what the Woman Olenna Tyrell informed her: “You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.” Had Daenerys adopted this counsel, she in all probability would have torched the Pink Hold way back. Had that occurred, it’s attainable lots of her present issues might have been prevented.

In any case, issues acquired worse when Dany obtained to the North, the place individuals have been both very cautious of or downright hostile to her. Particularly, Sansa Stark has been immune to Dany’s rule, and provided that she’s able of energy on the proper hand of Jon Snow, that’s an issue.

Then, a big chunk of her Dothraki and Unsullied troopers died preventing towards the lifeless at Winterfell. Ser Jorah Mormont, her most trusted counselor and somebody who had been together with her ever since her humble beginnings as Khal Drogo’s prize bride, additionally died. On prime of that, she’s simply discovered that the person with whom she is in love, Jon Snow, A) is definitely her nephew, and B) has a greater declare to the Iron Throne than her. She rushes south, in all probability hoping for a win after a number of lengthy troublesome months, just for the vile Euron Greyjoy to shoot one among her dragons — her youngsters — out of the sky, and to take her good friend and longtime confidante Missandei prisoner. Outdoors the partitions of King’s Touchdown, Cersei executes Missandei in entrance of her.


So what we’re purported to consider is that each one of this mixed is sufficient to get Dany to a spot the place she’s prepared to take the Iron Throne by violent means and in potential disregard for the lives of the civilians Cersei has gathered within the Pink Maintain. As she places it when speaking about Cersei, “They need to know who in charge when the sky falls upon them.” The query is whether or not this can be a pure development of what has come earlier than.

In some ways, the present has been setting this up for a really very long time. Daenerys has all the time been prepared to take excessive measures when she feels they’re warranted. Missandei’s last phrase to her queen, “Dracarys,” is a callback to once they first met in Astapor, when Daenerys commanded her newly acquired Unsullied military to “slay the Masters, slay the troopers, slay each man who holds a whip.” They usually did. By saying “Dracarys,” Missandei could also be saying that King’s Touchdown is as dangerous as Astapor, as corrupt, and as in want of a superb purge. And with Cersei as its chief, we will’t say she’s utterly off base.

Then there’s the time Daenerys conquered Meereen and crucified 163 of the Nice Masters within the city sq., as justice for them doing the identical to 163 slave youngsters they killed and left posted at each mile alongside her street to the town.

In each of those instances, Daenerys limits her violence. In Astapor, she particularly tells the Unsullied to not hurt youngsters, and in Meereen, she kills solely the Nice Masters, not their topics. However innocents nonetheless endure. With out the Good Masters round to maintain order, Astapor slides into chaos, and ultimately is taken over by a Butcher King. As for the crucifixion of the Nice Masters of Meereen, we study from Hizdahr zo Loraq that at the least considered one of them argued towards the killing of slave youngsters, the crime for which Daenerys punished all of them, however was overruled. That man definitely wasn’t harmless in the best way the youngsters have been harmless, however he may need made a superb ally had Daenerys not lumped him in together with his extra callous colleagues.

And there are occasions when she’s contemplated going farther. In Daznak’s Pit, she tells Hizdahr that Meereen might at some point return to the mud, at her command “if want be.” Late in season 6, when she returns to the town after securing the loyalty of the Dothraki by roasting their leaders alive and stepping out of the burning temple unscathed, she tells Tyrion of her plan for Slaver’s Bay: “I’ll crucify the Masters, I’ll set their fleets afire, kill each final one among their troopers and return their cities to the filth. That’s my plan.” Tyrion, starting a sample he’s been repeating since this second, talks her out of it.

The state of affairs with King’s Touchdown is totally different, however these examples present that Daenerys is just not afraid to make use of excessive pressure when she feels it crucial. She undoubtedly has a pressure of absolutism in her. “They’ve a selection,” she as soon as stated of the rulers of Slaver’s Bay. “They will reside in my new world or they will die of their previous one.” That’s not so totally different from what she tells Varys within the newest episode. “I’m right here to free the world from tyrants. That’s my future. And I’ll serve it regardless of the price.”

I’ve seen some followers argue that Dany’s current conduct is at odds with the mild demeanor we’ve seen her show many occasions. In Astapor, earlier than she killed the Good Masters, she tried to provide water to slaves on the Stroll of Punishment. In Meereen, she locked up two of her dragons when she noticed that Drogon had killed a toddler.

Dany completely might be delicate and type, however she can be wroth and damaging, notably when she’s misplaced individuals near her, as evidenced by what she did after the Sons of the Harpy killed Ser Barristan Selmy. In that case, she fed a random Meereenese nobleman to 2 of her dragons. That man might or might not have had one thing to do with Barristan’s dying, however Daenerys didn’t do a lot investigation. In her wrath she was prepared to make an instance of him.

Daenerys is a posh character filled with wealthy contradictions. She is mild AND she is wrathful; one doesn’t blot out the opposite. Proper now, having misplaced a lot, her damaging aspect is coming to the fore, maybe greater than it ever has. Simply because we haven’t seen her sack a metropolis full of non-fighting civilians doesn’t imply she isn’t able to it. We all know she at the least considered it with Meereen.

Daenerys tried issues Tyrion’s method and suffered. Maybe Olenna’s recommendation is rattling round in her head: “Be a dragon.” Additionally, we should always observe that simply because she’s considering of attacking King’s Touchdown immediately doesn’t imply she’s going to kill civilians as Tyrion and Varys appear to worry. She might nonetheless order her armies to pay attention solely on the troopers and leaders, however we’ll have to attend till this Sunday to see how that shakes out.

So principally, I do assume the present has set this improvement up. It has not come out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it does appear to be progressing shortly. Why does it really feel that means?

A part of the rationale could also be that when Dany was in Essos, we by no means acquired one other perspective on her actions. The Masters of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen certainly didn’t see Daenerys Targaryen as a conquering hero — they see her as an enemy bent on destroying their lifestyle, somebody to be feared and fought. However not one of the Masters have been even near being sympathetic characters, so to we within the viewers, their views didn’t rely for a lot.

Then again, the views of characters like Tyrion, Sansa and Varys rely for an excellent deal. We’ve gotten to know these characters in addition to we’ve gotten to know Daenerys, and in the event that they query Dany’s actions, it’s a lot more durable to disregard. Jorah and Barristan sometimes questioned Dany’s selections on Essos, however by no means too strenuously. Her perspective was prized above all others. No extra. That would get together account for why her fury feels totally different this time.

All the identical, the present might do a greater job of promoting Daenerys’ emotional journey. I might have used a scene between Cersei and Missandei, for instance, one which threw into aid simply how horrible and uncaring a queen Cersei is. Alongside the identical strains, I feel we’d like a reminder that nevertheless adrift she’s feeling proper now, Daenerys does have “a mild coronary heart,” as Jorah as soon as informed her in Qarth. Within the Track of Ice and Hearth novels, Dany typically thinks of the time she spent dwelling in Braavos as a toddler, in a home with a pink door. I feel a scene of her reminiscing about that long-lost time, a time she was joyful, a time earlier than she needed to determine the destiny of tens of hundreds of lives and she or he wasn’t sleeping with nephew and hadn’t birthed and misplaced youngsters, would go a great distance towards serving to us perceive the place she’s coming from.

How will this all finish? I don’t know, however I’m as keen as anybody to seek out out. I’m wondering if it’s going to play higher after the present is over and we now have the entire story laid out earlier than us. For now, I’d like to enter these last two episodes appreciating Daenerys Targaryen for all she is and completed, each the great and the dangerous, no matter these phrases imply to you.

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