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Game Of Thrones Recap, Episode 6: Well That Was Disappointing.

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YOU GUYS. IT’S OVER. GAME OF THRONES IS OVER. Are you able to consider it? We’ve devoted ten years of our lives to this present, and it’s simply… completed.

Look, it’s been a unbelievable journey. What a present. What a world George R.R. Martin created (and showrunners David Benihoff and D.B. Weiss shaped visually off the again of Martin’s books). However that finale? We weren’t into it. We being me (Mel, Senior Type & Options Editor) and Josie (Head of Editorial). As all the time, we’re right here to recap what went down and skim all of your minds! For the final time ever! *cryface into eternity*.

JOSIE: Can we begin with that poor terrible burned man trudging by way of King’s Touchdown? That big gaping burn wound on his again wants a whole bottle of Dettol poured on it instantly. No marvel Tyrion seemed so horrified.

get the person some Dettol stat

MEL: I simply don’t know if I wanted to see a 75% lifeless man strolling in silence down an ash-covered avenue of Kings Touchdown, however positive. Etch that into my reminiscence eternally, Recreation Of Thrones.

JOSIE: My again continues to be itchy simply eager about him. However these opening photographs have been fairly superb, actually, displaying the aftermath of Dany‘s fiery dragon tantrum. However she’s not the one nutbag round these elements, Gray Worm‘s loopy was additionally displaying in an enormous approach.

MEL: I’ve to offer the showrunners this – the cinematography this season? Phenomenal. All of the scenes from the Battle Of Kings Touchdown have been excellent and actually made you realise what a horrific mess Dany made when she determined to mass homicide the civilian inhabitants there. I feel we would have liked that as followers to really perceive how horrible her reign had develop into, and the way a lot worse it might get. Additionally YES I couldn’t cope with Gray Worm sassing Jon Snow after which slicing the throats of these poor Lannister military dudes. Can the man chill for a fucking second? Like Davos My Favorite stated – the battle was gained! No want, my man!

JOSIE: Gray Worm actually drank the Dany kool-aid and had for a really, very very long time. That teamed with the beheading of his beloved Missandei and he simply couldn’t see another choice different that MURDER EVERYONE. I imply Davos is perpetually the voice of cause. I’d like a Davos in my life, simply advising me on all private selections. He actually is the best. So the rationale for Tyrion’s little stroll by means of demise and destruction is, in fact, to seek out out the fates of his wayward siblings. It was a really emotional scene as he picked by way of the rubble and located them.

no jokes, this was an iconic Recreation Of Thrones shot

MEL: A really emotional and in addition suspenseful scene as I used to be 99% positive we have been going to see Jaime transfer his half-dead head and say a couple of strains, proving that principle that his character arc hadn’t ended but to be true. However no, Jaime was very lifeless. That scene was superbly shot, for my part, and I feel it was a becoming ending for our favorite incestuous couple, to see them aspect by aspect in dying versus simply assuming they have been crushed within the collapse.

JOSIE: Sure, and their lovely faces have been nonetheless suspiciously intact contemplating 1000 tonnes of bricks had simply caved in on prime of them. However I get it, it’s Hollywood babey! Nobody needs to see Jaime’s good-looking head all mangled. So then after Tyrion’s little sojourn, Jon decides to stride again to see Dany, his insane girlfriend/aunt/Queen who he’s not overly proud of. And what a shot we’re greeted with!


MEL: THAT. WAS. ALL. TIME. Most iconic shot in GOT historical past, I’m calling it.

JOSIE: It was unimaginable. And her outfit was fucking boss, she utterly morphed into Evil Dragon Queen. I would like that outfit, simply to put on in my day-to-day life. Energy dressing is underestimated! Think about displaying up for a gathering in that.

MEL: I’ve to say, I wasn’t unhappy about Daenerys’ transition into the Evil Queen. I feel it might have developed over an extended time period, positive, however the ultimate product was phenomenal – Emilia Clarke did a fantastic job, the outfit was epic, the scary vibes… all of it, precisely what we beloved about this present from the start, you already know? Simply that “nobody is protected” feeling. When she addressed her armies I additionally had the thought which was introduced up by Tyrion later, about how we’ve seen her do that highly effective “free the individuals! Smite the dangerous guys!” speech earlier than in Mereen and at that Dothraki hub, however now it’s like “oh shit, her technique of murdering anybody who disagrees together with her management is turning into fairly probbo, isn’t it”. Actually, she’s been like this all alongside and it’s simply that earlier than she was murdering slave masters, however now it’s these Kings Touchdown civilians we’ve turn into keen on, you recognize?

JOSIE: I’m not mad about it both, I keep in mind once we watched final week’s episode and she or he began killing individuals you and I have been shocked however not in a “that’s horrible writing” approach. I truly assume the killing of Missandei and Rhaegal simply tipped her over the sting? Like she’d been fairly fucking stoic for eight seasons and had gone by way of numerous trauma, however killing Missandei and Rhaegal was private, and it flipped a change inside her. I’m undoubtedly not condoning respiration hearth onto small harmless King’s Touchdown residents in any respect, however I might completely see WHY it occurred. And Dany has been so concerning the Iron Throne since day dot virtually. In order it loomed nearer she went somewhat mad from the facility. I assumed the storyline made complete sense, and I agree that Emilia did a bang-up job with the fabric she needed to work with.  Tyrion defined it so properly although – it was all nicely and good when she was killing dangerous guys, however then the second she kills harmless individuals it’s like ‘HOLD UP WHO ARE YOU’. As Arya stated, I do know a killer once I see one. And Dany was all the time a killer, actually.

ya simply received too murdery, gal.

MEL: Precisely! So Dany arrests Tyrion for treason as we knew she would as a result of he AGAIN makes the horrible determination of approaching her proper when all her armies are praising her. Like dude, NOT THE TIME. Wait till she’s calmed down, perhaps? Anyway agreed that his speech to Jon whereas imprisoned was all-time. I missed Peter Dinklage delivering a very good speech.

JOSIE: My spotlight was him taking his fancy Hand pin off and us chanting “Throw it on the bottom! Throw it on the bottom!” after which when he threw it on the bottom, cheering “YAAAAAY!” The speech was EPIC. Classic Tyrion, classic Dinklage (that’s enjoyable to say). Such a superb efficiency from him on this episode, I really feel. Tyrion’s a fan fave who got here out the gates strongly on this present after which sort of pale out up to now few seasons, made dangerous selections, acted like a coward. However I really feel like he redeemed himself on this episode.

MEL: I really like the way you’re discussing him like he’s a horse within the Melbourne Cup. Right here’s one other individual I’ll talk about as a horse – Jon Snow.

game of thronesVERY cool Jon Snow associated scene put right here for no cause

MEL: A sluggish starter however shortly proved himself a front-runner, earlier than tiring in the direction of the top and ending weakly. Look, in all seriousness, I do know individuals will disagree with me, however I simply assume Jon listening to Tyrion and stabbing Daenerys within the guts was out of character. I felt like he’d be one to die as a traitor earlier than betraying his Queen, you recognize?

game of thronesfinal fuckboy transfer

JOSIE: And it appeared to solely semi-fulfill that Recreation Of Thrones Azor Azhai prophecy that everybody’s been banging on about for years. I assume Jon figured he was the one one who might get shut sufficient to her to kill her? And Tyrion’s very convincing speech labored on him. Bloody Varys tried to kill her together with his poison plan however he obtained burned alive earlier than he might do it. If I used to be Jon I’d simply ask my psycho sister Arya to do it for me.

MEL: Completely! It felt like an enormous gaping “believability gap” to me that Jon would simply be like righto, off I’m going with my dagger to be a Queenslayer. He’s ALL about honour. Like Ned Stark – to a fault. Anyway, THAT occurred. Additionally I’ll hand it to the showrunners – they lined up the achievement of Dany’s imaginative and prescient from season 2 rather well.

game of thronesscene from the imaginative and prescient.game of thronesand tonight.

MEL: After which Drogon lumbered in just like the awkward teenager he’s after she died and I used to be SO scared.

o shit o shit o shit

JOSIE: Oh my god, me too. Drogon was so off it. And I used to be like… why isn’t Jon operating away? From the large beast with the large flames that come out of his mouth? However then, and I assumed this was kinda poetic and funky, Drogon as an alternative destroyed the Iron Throne. Which I do know is a second getting dragged by some followers who don’t assume dragons are able to such reasoning, however I assumed it was cool!


MEL: I did too! Like we will simply assume it was unintentional-but-symbolic, you understand? The Throne WAS proper behind Jon, and Drogon was pissed. I feel it might have been silly if Drogon burnt Jon alive for killing Dany, as a result of Jon had a connection to the dragons too as a part-Targaryen. I simply acquired the sensation the message there was “I’m a pissed off dragon and I can’t kill you so I’ll burn down this room as an alternative”.

JOSIE: All of that first half of the episode I assumed was rather well carried out. Then we flashed ahead a number of weeks and Tyrion is being hauled outdoors by Gray Worm’s cronies to elucidate himself to a council of highly effective Westerosians.

gang’s all right here!

JOSIE: I missed the memo the place we have been flash-forwarding so I used to be tremendous confused, however I did love the excuse to deliver all our faves and a few forgotten people to the desk, so we acquired to see everybody’s faces earlier than the present ended. Just like the Dorne man! NEWLY HOT ROBIN ARRYN! Edmure Tully, who has presumably been locked up for over a decade!

Hey! It’s that man!

JOSIE: It was cool to see all these individuals on the council, I assume, however it was additionally a little bit of a jarring change of tempo for me. Like, after all of the preventing and scheming and killing and destruction, let’s simply have a measured chat about democracy!
It’s like “And right here, youngsters, is how the election course of was first born.”

MEL: Oh god sure, I HATED the precise proceedings of that council assembly, I simply appreciated bringing everybody collectively. However as soon as issues received began, it was like a brand new, far much less skilled author joined the employees within the ultimate moments and wrote their first ever TV present script. What was with all of the jarring comedic moments about democracy, and all that shit? It was so weird to me and you might SEE the showrunners greedy at straws to discover a strategy to wrap shit up.

JOSIE: And I very almost broken two very costly items of digital gear — my TV and my telephone, which I virtually threw at stated TV — when Tyrion proclaimed that Bran ought to be King. Additionally, who determined Tyrion obtained to decide on this? None of it made any sense. And Bran was simply sitting there with that irritatingly serene, smug look on his face like “Oh sure every little thing is unfolding because it ought to.” Doll, what occurred to “I’m not Bran Stark anymore”?!! I didn’t hear you convey that up when everybody was bending knees in your course?

“truly sure I would really like the throne tyvm”

MEL: He has fairly actually spent a number of seasons telling anybody who would pay attention that he’s merely the keeper of Reminiscence and not Bran Stark, after which on the final second he’s like “oh sure that’s why I got here down right here, I’m King”. What the fucking fuck was that. To not point out how individuals who have been passionately loyal to Dany like Yara Greyjoy simply went “yep, appears truthful” they usually obtained a unanimous settlement for King Bran. I do know individuals come for us over calling this present “unrealistic” however the reality is a present is just nearly as good because it’s world and characters are, so in case you break the principles of the world you created or out of the blue have your characters doing issues which might be out of character, it turns to shit. And that’s what occurred right here, I reckon. That council assembly was a multitude and it was a multitude as a result of it had a bunch of characters abruptly behaving like utterly totally different individuals. Additionally, simply kill Gray Worm? That solves a number of issues, IMO.

JOSIE: Like I stated to you, who killed Bruce Springsteen and made Gray Worm the Boss? Dany determined she was Queen and killed hundreds of individuals. Then Tyrion betrayed her and Jon killed her. All of the sudden this implies they’re Very Dangerous Males in accordance with Gray Worm so Jon will get punished, Tyrion turns into the Hand by some means regardless that he sucks at it and Gray Worm sails off to Naath to ensure Missandei’s individuals are okay. None of that made any sense. Dany shouldn’t be round to see that her traitors are punished and most of the people are in settlement that she was a fucken psycho. So simply… get a recent begin? Absolve everybody of their wrongdoings? Anyway, can we speak about Sansa principally being like ‘However Tyrion, Bran’s cock doesn’t work he can’t be King!’

MEL: Omg I do know, I don’t assume we would have liked point out of Bran’s capacity to procreate however right here we’re. Additionally value noting – Edmure Tully standing as much as give an enormous speech on why he must be King solely to be advised to take a seat down by his niece, Sansa. That was a enjoyable second, I’ll give them that. Have you learnt what else didn’t make sense? Sansa declaring that the Northerners would by no means bow to a King, so they need to keep unbiased. However… Bran’s a Stark? All the concern of the North was that they didn’t belief individuals who aren’t their very own, and Bran IS their very own. Like we’ve stated this entire recap – MAKE SENSE, YOU FUCKING WRITERS.

JOSIE: That was ALSO bizarre. Like, for the Northerners Bran being on the Throne is a superb end result! However, I beloved that Sansa was Queen of the North (or is it IN the North?) in any case that. Leaping forward, however once they confirmed her on the finish sitting there, I felt fairly proud. I’d all the time disliked her as a result of she was so imply to Arya (who I’ve all the time liked and identical to Arya I maintain grudges) however she’s undoubtedly grown on me and I really like love love her character’s arc. Perhaps most out of anyones. She undoubtedly did some scheming (telling Tyrion about Jon’s parentage), pulled some strings, received to the place she needed to be. However not in a nasty means, only a intelligent means. And the lady we noticed being topped Queen had come such a great distance since Season 1. She’s sensible and pushed and never loopy – an incredible Queen.


MEL: YES – I’ve to say, and you recognize this, I used to be bitching on about how Recreation Of Thrones had fucked it with all their feminine characters, making everybody bitchy and loopy within the last season. However they got here good with Sansa Stark in the long run. Additionally, Arya clearly, Brienne and Yara Greyjoy – she’s operating the present within the Iron Islands and I really like that, too.

JOSIE: Agree! I truly assume that they did these ladies justice too. Like Sansa wasn’t being a bitch for no purpose.

MEL: Talking of Brienne – I obtained a bit emotional watching her write out Jaime’s story in that massive guide, no matter it was.

Game Of Thrones Brienne“Jaime Lannister is the nastiest skank bitch in Westeros…”

JOSIE:  OMG I had no concept what the e-book was both however then I did some analysis and it as referenced in an earlier season. As Kingsguard Brienne has to put in writing the story of the earlier Kingsguard in there, which simply so occurred to be Jaime who she boned as soon as earlier than he noped outta Winterfell and died. So it was in all probability tremendous arduous for her to maintain it factual and never being like “Jaime was such a fuckboy, ugh”. However she wrote all of the actually noble issues he did and it was very nice. I’m so glad Brienne made it to the top.

MEL: Hahaha and also you have been all “right here’s Brienne filling in Jaime’s Wikipedia web page” once we have been watching. That makes extra sense, and I agree – I’m glad she gave Jaime an excellent write-up as a result of I do assume, on the finish of the day, he was a loyal Kingsguard to his sons and to Cersei. Like, she might have gone Recreation Of Thrones Burn Guide on him however she didn’t and it was v noble of her. Can I say although, except for Brienne as Kingsguard and Davos because the Ocean Grasp or no matter that title is, the ship man… I fucking hated that small council of King Bran’s. Like… Bronn? The self-serving felony who switched sides in line with money? Why the fuck would you make him Grasp of Coin not to mention let him anyplace close to your trusted circle?

critically? this man?

JOSIE: I do know! As a lot as I am keen on Bronn, as he himself says “there’s no remedy for being a cunt”. And the person is a cunt – a lovable one, however truthfully, I’d belief him about so far as I might throw him. I do know he received his fancy title as per his settlement with the Lannister brothers after deciding to not shoot them with the crossbow, however I wouldn’t be letting him close to any sort of King’s massive assembly desk or no matter that was. Additionally, the lame makes an attempt at humour in that scene have been making me cringe! “Oh, I feel we should always construct a brothel hahahaha”. Like, I get that we’re wrapping issues up however not the whole lot needs to be “teeheehee every little thing’s sunny and constructive”. Laying it on a bit thick, I assumed.

MEL: WAY too thick – it made the council appear unfit to help a King who frankly, can’t struggle battles, barely says something that makes any sense, and has no expertise in any respect managing a kingdom. Bran wanted a robust council to make his reign appear professional to followers and this council was NOT it. To not point out he was all “the place’s Drogon? Bye, I’ll discover him” and noped out of the assembly solely after 5 fucking seconds? Twitter replace from GOT creators in a month: everything of Westeros is in a civil conflict, bc Bran is a shit chief. Right here’s one thing good – Arya heading off on her journey to the ends of the earth, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Recreation Of Thrones Version fashion.

Game Of Thrones Aryayo ho ho and a bottle of rum

JOSIE: MY GIRL! I really like her deeply. She’s a robust unbiased lady who has seen a lot. Whereas I might now take the chance to take a seat on my ass for the remainder of time, being married to Gendry and dwelling in a flowery citadel, Arya is just not me so she chooses to go and see the REST of the world, since all of the horrible issues she’s seen within the Seven Kingdoms apparently aren’t sufficient for her? I’m simply frothing for a zesty spin-off that follows her adventures. Think about ‘Getaway‘ besides with a knife-wielding maniac as an alternative of Catriona Rowntree.

MEL: I actually, actually need this costly spin-off collection. Please, showrunners, do that one factor for us! Right here’s what I used to be not into – Jon Snow getting the shit finish of the stick and everybody simply forgetting he was the one true inheritor to the Iron Throne and the right mixture of GOOD Targaryen and Stark? Did all of us simply clean that from our brains? I do know Tyrion was yammering on about selecting leaders every time one dies and so forth as an alternative of bloodlines however nonetheless… Jon! Rightful inheritor! Proper there in jail! As an alternative, they’re like “I do know you killed the Evil Queen to save lots of us all however look, bc we for some purpose refuse to only kill Gray Worm you must be banished, soz about it”. I assume he obtained his want of wandering round within the snow with Ghost alone, however it sucked for me as a fan.

game of throneshe’s to be generally known as Unhappy Eeyore now.


game of thronesthat is our faith.

JOSIE: It was very very similar to.. what was the purpose? Keep in mind everybody hyping the shit out of the large reveal that he was the true Targaryen inheritor and A+L+J or regardless of the fuck it was and blah blah omg wow! Then in a single boring council assembly, they only determine that bloodlines not matter. So… why have been individuals beheading one another for hundreds of years? Like, I get they’re now enacting social change however for the viewers of the present, it’s a shit pay-off. I don’t care that there’s now peace and love in Westeros. And I simply don’t assume Jon appeared pleased to be going again to the Wall. I do know he stored saying “I don’t need it” however on the very least he might have been Bran’s Hand or Kingsguard or one thing. As an alternative of being an excellent one that all the time did the proper factor for everybody else ending up proper the place he began. Justice for Jon, man, that ending suuuucked for him.

MEL: Big agree on all fronts – R + L = J (Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon, however I needed to google it LOL) was the most important dialogue level in Recreation Of Thrones historical past, the present hinged on Jon’s birthright and his bloodline and… it meant jack-shit on this episode. And the Azor Ahai prophecy all of us have been buzzing about for years, ever since Jon woke from being lifeless? Why fulfill bits of it however not your complete factor? It feels clunky and bizarre to have him kill Dany however not have all the prophecy come to cross. Both ignore it solely or do it correctly, guys. I additionally need to level out that the Lord Of Mild was all however confirmed to exist with Melisandre lighting the Dothraki swords/Jon’s resurrection/so on, however was utterly ignored past the Battle Of The Lifeless. Simply numerous unfastened ends and half-assed finishes to plotlines/theories which were mentioned for YEARS.

JOSIE: It’s an enormous, difficult beast of a present however that they had two YEARS to wrap this up. Determined to not do any season final yr after which rush this one by way of in 6 episodes. They might have been tying up a number of the lesser plotlines in Season 7. It’s actually irritating.

MEL: I do know loads of followers are divided over this uproar, some saying “it’s an excellent present they usually needed to end it this manner!” however I simply really feel like this ultimate season was a disservice to the general epicness of Recreation Of Thrones, all of it felt rushed and that remaining episode felt like one thing out of Riverdale.

similar present now tbh

JOSIE: The writing was cringey, the ending was rushed, I simply really feel like as an entire your complete Recreation Of Thrones collection has bizarre pacing. Leisurely, indulgent seasons 1-6 constructing this entire fantastical complicated world after which nothing actually occurred in S7 apart from R + L = J after which S8 an enormous gigantic rush to the end line. I haven’t rewatched the present however I really feel like once I do now this final season particularly will stick out like a sore thumb. I imply, I appreciated a number of the bits – Arya, Sansa – however then different bits I didn’t like a lot and I really feel disillusioned.

MEL: As somebody who did rewatch it, it completely does. Notably this episode – I feel I might have given the clunkiness of the season a cross if that they had pulled one thing spectacular out of their author’s hats for that ultimate ep, and I even favored the primary 2/three of it. However that council assembly and the naff discussions? That last small council with the brothel jokes?? Fuck all of that, significantly.

JOSIE: They have been actually dangerous moments. I did just like the very finish bit the place they went round in a montage and confirmed all of the Starks doing their issues – since we began with that household it’s a pleasant option to finish it. Even when Jon was banished to the fucking Wall once more. And a lot of the Starks are lifeless.

MEL: A stunning decimated household all dwelling mildly sad lives!

When you like Mel and Josie’s vibe, they’ve acquired their very own true crime/thriller podcast – All Aussie Thriller Hour. 

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