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Commando Ninja Evaluate

Eric Carlesi– John Hunter
Philippe Allier– Leeroy Hopkins
Stephane Asensio– Oskar Kowalsky
Olivier Dobremel– Oleg Kinsky
Themann Fagour– Curtis Jackson
Cecile Fargues– Lori Hunter
Thyra Hann Phonephet– Sensei Yin
Charlotte Poncin– Jenny Hunter-Grownup
Anaelle Rincent– Jenny Hunter- Youngster

Directed by Benjamin Combes
Screenplay by Benjamin Combes

Distributed by Benjamin Combes

Runtime– 68 minutes

(All photographs from the Commando Ninja Fb web page)

Commando Ninja, written and directed by Benjamin Combes, is a slick, well-made, seemingly infinite homage to the motion films of the 1980’s. Half type of critical however wacked out motion film, half send-up with tongue planted firmly in cheek, Commando Ninja works greatest when it isn’t hitting the viewers over the top with its many loud homages. When it’s being only a film, Commando Ninja works and works properly. Author/director Combes clearly has the talents and chops to be a prime notch, trendy motion film director.

Commando Ninja stars Eric Carlesi as John Hunter, a badass Inexperienced Beret, Vietnam vet, and educated ninja who has to go away his quiet lifetime of hanging out within the woods chopping wooden and whatnot when his previous boss Leeroy Hopkins (Philippe Allier) goes to see him and inform him that his daughter Jenny (Anaelle Rincent) has been kidnapped by the nefarious Oleg Kinsky (Olivier Dobremel), a central American dictator that controls a military of ninjas. Rescuing Jenny gained’t be straightforward, as Kinsky additionally has a cyborg defending him, a killer humanoid robotic that appears like Hunter’s previous ‘Nam buddy Kowalsky (Stephane Asensio), however Hunter is a commando and a ninja and handled some bushy shit again within the jungles of ‘Nam in 1968. Hunter will discover Jenny, return her to security, and destroy Kinsky’s complete felony group.

And so Hunter goes to Kinsky’s residence/headquarters and begins killing dangerous guys.

Now, whereas all of that is occurring, the film flashes again to Vietnam in 1968, the place we see Hunter and his Inexperienced Beret commando workforce within the jungles, preventing ninjas and dinosaurs and shit, we see Hunter develop into a prisoner of conflict, and we see Hunter turn into a ninja underneath the tutelage of Sensei Yin (Thyra Hann Phonephet), a Viet Cong that decides to coach Hunter as a result of… I’m not likely positive.

So the story retains going forwards and backwards between 1968 and “modern-day,” which is 1986, and we see direct homages to, amongst different films, Commando, Rambo: First Blood Half II, Revenge of the Ninja, American Ninja, Predator, The Terminator, Highlander, House Alone, The Street Warrior, and Smokey and the Bandit. And once I say we see direct homages I imply we see, in lots of situations, shot-for-shot rehashes of these films. Nearly all of them are nicely finished and look good, particularly the Commando and Revenge of the Ninja homages. You get misplaced within the motion in these sequences and what’s placed on display is enjoyable. Nevertheless, when it’s apparent that what you’re watching is an homage and that’s it, the homage is distracting. As an alternative of being invested within the story you’re making an attempt to determine what number of totally different films are being referenced.

My favourite scene within the film is the scene the place Sensei Yin explains to Hunter what it means to be a commando ninja. It’s a direct reference to American Ninja, sure, however Thyra Hann Phonephet is so intense as Sensei Yin you get caught up in what he’s saying and also you begin to consider in it. Chances are you’ll not utterly perceive it, however, my God, you’ll consider in it anyway.

The film goes off the rails on the very finish, when time journey is injected into the story. The film doesn’t actually need it, because the post-apocalyptic world that Combes creates isn’t as fascinating because the “1986” world he creates. It’s simply an excessive amount of on prime of the whole lot else that the film throws at you. Now, I wouldn’t thoughts seeing Combes make a full on post-apocalyptic homage to The Street Warrior and films like The Street Warrior. He can create a world and inform a narrative, even when it’s nominally another person’s story. Hopefully, he will get an opportunity to try this sooner or later.

The identical goes for a full on, “old skool” motion film. Combes ought to do a type of, from starting to finish. I’d wish to see him stage that huge, hooha climactic struggle between the hero and the primary villain, like all good motion films do. If Commando Ninja is supposed to be a calling card, it’s a very good one. It ought to result in extra, although. Far more.

Eric Carlesi does a effective job because the film’s hero John Hunter. He has the correct buff look and appears credible throughout his struggle and gun dealing with scenes. Philippe Allier is humorous as Leeroy Hopkins, Hunter’s previous good friend with the cybernetic hand. Hos jokes are horrible, although. Ha. Stephane Asensio does an honest job as Oskar Kowalsky, the previous struggle buddy turned cyborg killer. Olivier Dobremel is okay because the crime boss Oleg Kinsky, principally as a result of he doesn’t get the large second he would have gotten in a extra streamlined story. The person has charisma, although, in order that’s cool.

Commando Ninja is a enjoyable collection of homages to varied 1980’s films that. It will get a bit of too wacky on the finish, even for an homage, however it’s value testing. Simply remember that making an attempt to determine what 1980’s films are being referenced might find yourself being a distraction for you, particularly when you’re a fan of the films in query. Author/director Benjamin Combes clearly has the required technical chops to make an excellent wanting motion film. Now, all we have to see him do is make one thing unique. I look ahead to that, each time it occurs.

See Commando Ninja. See it, see it, see it.


So what do we’ve got right here?

Lifeless our bodies: Probably billions.

Explosions: A number of.

Nudity?: Sure. It’s not dangerous.

Doobage: Troopers strolling via water, a racist joke, whistling, exploding arm, invisible ninjas, main machine gun hooey, Nintendo hooey, a scorching babes on the seashore montage, exercising, a lady in a towel, boobs, a booby-trapped room, shotgun duct taped to a desk chair, sai up the butt, big wrench to the balls, kidnapping, tree chopping with a katana, a cybernetic hand, dinosaur assault, off display man getting eaten by dinosaurs, a hilariously dangerous wanting briefcase crammed with “American cash,” extra racist jokes, laser hooey, exploding head, critical prisoner abuse, spitting, sword by way of the again, a number of topless ladies, knife by means of the attention, ball stabbing, bloody limb removing, LAW’s rocket hooey, M60 hooey, critical shotgun hooey with exploding head, grenade hooey, Uzi hooey, ninja star hooey, exploding ninja, machine gun by means of the face, intestines hooey, capturing an enormous gun by way of a man’s head, grenade down the pants, exploding helicopter, karate workouts, a coaching montage, double pole assault, fish catching by way of hand, sword catching, pony tail hooey, a TV antenna on the roof, metallic pipe hooey, arm slicing, a bee pollinating a flower, decapitation, the post-apocalypse, a man sporting tires as shoulder pads, machete by means of the top, double hand removing, arrow by means of the top, crossbow hooey, exploding punk, a fats mutant, Gatling gun hooey, and a online game that, if it have been actual, may need been enjoyable to play again within the day.

Kim Richards?: Tried.

Gratuitous: A Carolco Footage opening emblem homage, Vietnam 1968, a Predator warmth imaginative and prescient homage, an Ahnold train video, a The Terminator homage, a number of 1980’s film posters on the wall, a full The Terminator POV homage, a Commando homage, a Dillon/Dutch handshake, dinosaurs, a Revenge of the Ninja homage, Val Verde, a rotary telephone, a Garfield telephone, a Rambo: First Blood Half II placing garments on homage, a Nintendo Energy Glove, an American Ninja homage, a Highlander homage, the post-apocalypse, a The Street Warrior homage, and a online game homage.

Greatest strains: “Shut up, Hopkins!,” “Ninjas!,” “Your pepperoni, ma’am,” “Have you learnt why People don’t have hemorrhoids? As a result of all the assholes reside in Canada!,” “Did they provide you bionic balls, too?,” “Fuck off, bastard!,” “Surprises? I really like surprises!,” “Greetings from Smith and Wesson!,” “It should value you an arm! And a leg!,” “The place’s my daughter, motherfucker?,” “Kill all these bastards till the final one, Dad!,” “Keep in mind, my American disciple, solely a commando ninja can kill one other commando ninja!,” “I don’t like your new pajamas,” “There could be just one ninja!,” “Holy shit! The Democrats should have taken over!,” “I! Hate! Punks!,” and “Kowalsky! You fucking commie toaster!,”

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    Extraordinarily Horrendous

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    Not So Good

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    Very Good

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  • 10

    Nearly Good

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