WWE 2K14 Review

Punk vs Undertaker

Each year, THQ has been releasing wrestling games that had always out shined the last. Hard to accomplish, but they seemed to do it at the end of each year. However, this year was different. WWE 2K14 was published by 2K Games, the company who bought the video game out from THQ, who had been developing the WWE games for over 10 years. Though it has reoccurring issues their games have had in the past, this one is by far the best yet. They seemingly transitioned perfectly from last year’s version to this year’s,  creating an experience that will easily kill hours of your time.

WWE 13 introduced a brand new game mode called Attitude ERA, which had the player experience the era all over again, only this time, they were in control. However, WWE 2K14 introduced and even better gam move called 30 Years Of Wrestlemania. In this, the player can play through over 46 matches and moments in every single Wrestlemania from the past 30 years. It is filled with memorable video, pictures and is even presented in the grainy, yellowish camera view it had back in 1985. This mode will bring you back to being a little kid watching Andre being slammed by Hogan, all the way up to The Rock taking on John Cena for the second time at Wrestlemania 29.


They have also updated the Create-A-Superstar feature, which badly needed an overhaul. They’ve added a ton of new items, and ways to make your superstar feel more like your own. From new body types, to clothing. You can also, finally use a current WWE superstar body to use as a template to work off of and make him/her your very own – or just play around with their image. Along with that, you can also create arenas, story-lines, finishers, and championships. Giving you much to do once you’ve made a few wrestlers submit.

There is a multiplayer feature as well, however it is full of glitches. The past few years, this has been an issue for the WWE games. The graphics are also very strong, along with the controls that have been updated since last years version. As I played through some matches, and started to grasp the new controls, I started to feel in control the more time I spent playing. There are still the same issues that have plagued games in the past including repetitive announcing, matches feel too quick and non-realistic, and the AI feels to robot-like, and not enough like being in the ring with a real superstar.



  • 30 Years Of Wrestlemania
  • Graphics and controls are very strong
  • Tons of gameplay
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