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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review

One day while I was perusing my twitter feed to an astonishingly growing number of spam messages and mentions I came across a tweet by a user who couldn’t believe that I stuttered AND I had a brain. I guess his delusion …

Steam Machines: Valve’s Second Announcement

Valve’s second piece of news this week, following the SteamOS that was announced on Monday, is Steam Machines, a “variety of Steam gaming machines” developed in cooperation with “multiple partners” set to launch in 2014. Before they are officially shipped, Valve will have a …

SteamOS Free Operating System By Valve

Valve just announced a new operating system they are working on that works specifically for their Steam Service and online store. It’s called the SteamOS, and their goal is to make your games work in your living room. Valve said on their …