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Hotline Miami Review

“Do you enjoy hurting other people?” One of many excellent excerpts from the beautifully simple writing of Hotline Miami, the question has a very metta vibe to it. Do you, the player, enjoy the imagined pain you are causing in your pixelated …

Spyro the Dragon Review

Spyro the Dragon was the beginning of one of Sony Computer Entertainment’s flagship enterprises. It was released in late 1998 on the PlayStation 1 console and is a 3D 3rd person platforming game developed by Insomniac Games. When it released, it was …

Brave Fencer Musashi Review

Brave Fencer Musashi is a unique RPG game and was created by Squaresoft in 1998. It is a very challenging but rewarding game to play, with its innovative gameplay and collectibles. It has great bosses and a fun story line. This game …