Rain Tokyo Game Show 2013 Demo


Last week, we revealed that PlayStation Plus Japan will have early access to rain’s TGS 2013 demo. Here is gameplay footage of the first chapter of the game with Japanese text. My thoughts on the game are, while I can’t go too much into detail on the dialogue as my Japanese isn’t strong, I can definitely give my thoughts on the gameplay.

Rain is an action-adventure puzzle game that revolves in a nameless young boy who while lost out in the rain sees the silhouette of a young girl. Upon following her, he turns invisible just like her, and  in his journey, he encounters various kids of invisible creatures wandering about. His goal is to find a way to her within the world of invisible creatures. This game resembles ICO a lot in the sense of it’s simple gameplay yet very enjoyable. You will face different obstacles such indivisible monsters that will attack you if you approach them. There’s also multiple puzzles you will encounter and solve to proceed.  You will have to use your surroundings such as pounds of water to distract and enemy blocking your path or make an enemy chase you to open up a path, as shown in the demo.

This demo is only available through the Japanese PlayStation store to PlayStation Plus members and only through September 19th through September 25th. The full game will be officially released on October 1st in the US, October 2nd in Europe, and on October 3rd in Japan.