Minecraft: PS3 Edition 1.02 Patch Fixes Chat And Audio Issues


The new 1.02 patch was released Saturday by 4J Studios for Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition to fix lingering bugs, since the game was released earlier in the week for the PS3. Unfortunately, it’s not a worldwide patch.

“There’s a new patch for #MinecraftPS3 rolling out now in Europe, Australia & New Zealand to fix chat, audio and other issues being found,” 4J Studios announced.

“We’re hoping patch 1.02 for #MinecraftPS3 will roll out later today in North America. Just waiting for some people in the US to wake up,” the developer continued.

What those other fixes are hasn’t been revealed yet as 4J Studios have not yet released a changelog. Aside from the voice chat and audio issues there were a number of bugs identified by players at the Minecraft forum including: save file corruption, multiplayer splitscreen issues, and more.

Those that are having local split-screen issues can get around the problem for now by additional players logging in as guests.