Grand Theft Auto V Review


The night of September 16, 2013 I attended the midnight launch of a much anticipated video game, Grand Theft Auto V. I purchased my copy, drove home with some friends, and proceeded to stay up all weekend playing through this amazing experience I’ve waited years to play – getting about 3 hours of sleep in 2 days. Needless to say, I don’t have a job anymore. This game sucked me right in from the very beginning, and didn’t let me go until I had a doctor’s note.

The game was developed by Rockstar North and takes place in the beautiful state of San Andreas. It features 3 playable protagonists for the very first time: Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin Clinton, each with their hugely separated stories that all seemingly fit together perfectly. In this tale, playing as the 3 characters the player has to plan and successfully execute a series of high stake heists which payout is so high, professional baseball players would be envy. The physics have also been greatly improved from past GTA titles. That itself would be a full game by any other developer’s standards, but not Rockstar’s.

There are an unbelievable amount of activities the player can go through and experience. You can do various sports including golf, tennis, and darts to yoga and even buying stocks. While doing all these things, you’ll also get to run around one of the biggest maps not just in Grand Theft Auto history, but in video game history. It took me a couple of weeks to eventually unlock the entire world map, which is stunning. It feels just like the other GTA titles have felt: alive. As I played through the game, I would begin a mission, 6 hours would pass by, and I wouldn’t even realize it. It is deep and funny, unlike any other video game and flows perfectly. It doesn’t feel like playing a video game at all, it feels more like a life simulator.


As if that wasn’t enough, 2 weeks later, Grand Theft Auto Online was released. Though it was full of glitches and connection issues, once Rockstar fixed that, this became a totally new video game and could of been released on it’s own. You can run around blowing up your friends and strangers or complete the online missions they have provided. You can skydive from building to building, race your friends, or just have a good old team deathmatch (which i’m proud to say, I kicked my grandmother’s  in countless times). Online is just as much a rich and in depth experience as the single player is. It can get repetitive if you spend a lot of time going through the missions, however, a DLC will soon be released which includes online heists, which I am itching to jump into with my bank robbing buddies.


  • Amazing single player campaign
  • Near perfect online experience
  • Hours of gameplay


This game is greatly written, full of uncountable things to play through, and the online itself is full of content. It's one of the most enjoyable video games I've ever picked up. If you're one of the seven people on the planet who have not picked up the game, trade in all of your old games and pick up this one. It's surely one of the greatest games ever released. It broke countless records upon its releases, and once you log in a couple hours, you'll see why.

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