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CoD: AW Leak Reveals Gun Camo Names

One game is moving swiftly into the games industry spotlight ahead of its November 3, 2014 release date. This title comes in the form of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. While the Call of Duty franchise has, as a whole, been criticized …

How The Xbox One Will Look With Windows 10

Today, Microsoft announced Windows 10, creating just another running joke in the industry by skipping Windows 9 altogether. Besides the gaming implications of the new operating system, which are currently unknown (gaming was mentioned only in passing in today’s presentation), there’s something for Xbox One users …

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Map Leaked

Assassin’s creed: Unity’s map size has been leaked. Skelaa, a Reddit user, uploaded the full map of Paris in Assassin’s Creed:Unity. The map is really huge. To give you an idea of size, just look at the “Île de la Cité” in the …